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Basic Installation Tips

Always flush out fuel lines before installation

Always install a new (not slightly used or like new) and high quality, Low Micron (Metal element) fuel filter with the carburetor (FRAM G22A, MotorCraft FG-15, or equivalent)

Always use fresh gasoline (bad gas=bad performance)

A Carburetor only runs as well what you feed it (See Above)

Check for float movement before installation, as they can get jarred and stick during shipping

Make sure all gasket surfaces are clean, and use gaskets provided with your carburetor

Make sure throttle linkage does not bind or hold the throttle open

Make sure throttle spring is not too heavy; a heavy spring will cause premature wear on the throttle shaft

Double-Check all connections before running your engine

Check for leftover tools before running your engine; Safety First!

Make sure all vacuum ports are either hooked up or plugged before running your engine

Make all adjustments when the engine is at operating temperature

Make all adjustments to factory specifications


Port/Fitting Identification

Hot Air/Choke Air Pick-Up Fitting

Passive fitting first integrated into the air horn in 1964 carburetors. Used to route heated air from the exhaust manifold for easier cold starting. Can be plugged if not in use.

Distributor Vacuum Advance Fitting

Port Vacuum fitting used on all stock applications with a vacuum advance distributor. Can be plugged if distributor is fully mechanical, which is uncommon in stock applications but typical of some aftermarket performance distributors. Check distributor manufacturers specifications. '67 and later fitting pictured. Earlier models had threads in the body for a brass screw in nipple.

Fuel Inlet

Fuel inlets were 3 different sizes during Autolite carburetor production

1957-64: 9/16"-24 - Used a Brass 9/16-24>1/2-20 adapter

1965-66: 1/2"-20

1967-69: 1/8"-27 Pipe thread

Choke Tube Fitting

Pipe thread fitting on the choke assembly of all 'automatic' or 'heat' chokes. Connects to the choke tube, which routes heated air from the exhaust manifold to assist in opening the choke plate. '65 and later choke assembly pictured. Can be plugged if not in use.