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I have been rebuilding carburetors since 1970, back when these were new factory equipment. Only good cores are rebuilt and I inspect every component of the carburetor down to polishing the screws; I will not sell a piece of junk.. The reason FORD MOTOR CO. used these carburetors on their cars was because they performed well in their respective applications: 260, 289, 302 , big blocks, and so on. So if you want economical bolt on performance, install the right Carburetor, like the one the factory installed; you will be impressed with the results!

By Buying A Carburetor/Rebuild/Part, You Agree to the following Terms:

All sales are final and NO returns.

No Warranty Expressed or Implied.

I am not responsible for one’s and/or one’s “mechanic” and their ability or inability to install or final adjust a Carburetor.

I will GLADLY answer any questions in regards to the item purchased.

I Bench-Set the Carburetor to YOUR application, if you request.

I can NOT adjust for YOUR Temperature, Humidity, lack of maintenance or engine modifications, etc.