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A list of customer's cars(and boats!) now equipped with Gotta Fish Carburetors and Parts!



Richard K.-1967 Ford Mustang(C7DF-R)-Texas

My 1967 Mustang convertible runs great




Nelson I.-1965 Ford F-100(2100 Rebuild)-North Carolina

Fantastic rebuild on the 65 F100 carb. Truck runs great. You are tops. Attached are pictures of the 1965 Ford F100. Not restored, original paint. Factory 352. I've owned this truck for 44 years.




Daniele V.-1967 Ford Mustang(C7DF-R 2100)-Italy

Fitted carburettor and car that now runs PERFECTLY! Thanks again for your availability! Ciao!




John H.-1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1(4100 Rebuild)-Texas

You rebuilt my 4100 earlier this year and it's been great here's some pics. 1969 Mach 1




Troy T.-1962 Ford F-250(2100 Rebuild)-New York

Good morning this is Troy from New York you just rebuilt the carburetor for the 1962 Ford F2 50 for me. And I just wanted to say I’ve never been happier in my life the way my truck runs! It purrs like a kitten. Looking forward to doing business with you as long as you’re rebuilding carburetors! Thanks again, Troy




Mark J.-1966 Ford Mustang(4100 Rebuild)-Missouri

Here are some pics of the car. Thanks again for your help!




Mark H.-1963 Mercury Comet (Autolite 2100 Rebuild)-New Jersey




Here's a couple pic's of the wife's 1963 Mercury Comet (first year for the V-8 option). Also, my 1931 Ford coupe... Thanks




Dale W.-1968 AMC Rebel (C9FF-B 2100)-Illinois

Thanks for the great carb for my 68 Rebel Convertible. Performs flawlessly.




Cliff H.-1968 XL (Autolite 2100 Rebuild)-Maryland



      Here are some pictures for your customer photos: 1968 Ford XL, 47,100 original miles, 5.0L 302 V8, Ford FMX 3 Speed Automatic.  Original owner was my father-in-law who passed the car to us when he passed in April 2018.  It has been garage-kept for 50 years and looks and runs like new.




Richard D.-1968 Cougar (Autolite 2100 Rebuild)-Oregon




Ronnie B.-1965 Mustang (C5ZF-B 2100)-Australia


I have attached some photos of my much loved 65 Mustang  that it will be fitted to. I imported this very original car from Colorado in 2012. I’m the second owner. It’s a  C code auto with 48000 miles on it and no rust issues. It will stay in my family for many years to come.




Paul K-1969 Mustang Grande (C9ZF-G 2100)- Florida

1969 Grande restored with mostly Ford OEM parts, Palm City Florida, 302 automatic




Fred M.-1966 Ford Galaxie 500 (C7AF-BR 2100)-Canada

This is my 1966 Galaxie 500 390ci. Thanks for carbs and quick shipping, Fred




Martin F.-1965 Ford Mustang Convertible (C5ZF-B 2100)-Canada

1965 Mustang Convertible w/4 speed, 289 C.I., 2V, Poppy Red color, C code. All original




Kathy N.-1968 Ford Mustang Coupe (C8ZF-G 2100)-Arizona

Here are the pics you requested of our old carburetor that we replaced with the one from you.  Also, there are a couple of pics of Sally, my Mustang.  I’m the original owner  – got her in December of 1967 and still have the original window sticker.  She’s your basic V8 289.  We’re from Detroit, lived in California for years and are now settled in Arizona.  My husband does a beautiful job in keeping her running and I love driving her around town.




Matt D.-1965 Ford Mustang Coupe (C6DF-B 2100)-Virginia

1965 289 Mustang Coupe




Thomas F.-1979 Jeep CJ5 Renegade (MotorCraft 2150 Rebuild)-Oklahoma

I just wanted to send some pictures for you that you are welcome to use in your customer section of your site if you'd like.  I had you rebuild my Motorcraft 2150 on my 1979 Jeep CJ5 Renegade a few years ago with a 304 V8.  It has run like a complete champ every since!  No problems! Thanks again for your help and your services.





Rob S.-1969 Z/28 Camaro (Holley 4360 Rebuild)-California

'69 Z/28 with 4 speed manual trans




Roger K.-1964 289 AC Cobra (C3OF-AJ 1.12 HiPo 4100)-United Kingdom

The carb is excellent and will be perfect for the Cobra. The car is not finished yet, but well on the way with exhaust, cooling system and trim details still to do. The photos show the car nearing completion, and a shot of the original 5-bolt HiPo 289 that the carb will be sitting on soon.




Andrew B.-1965 Ford Mustang Fastback (C6DF-B 1.14 2100)-Massachusetts

1965 2+2 fastback, 289 CID automatic transmission. We put the carburetor in and it runs great and looking forward to taking it to a couple of shows!




Hans F.-1968 Ford F-250 (C8TF-AB 1.23 2100)-Sweden

Some pictures of My 1968 Ford F-250 taken today in the harbor Hovås. The truck is 100% original, has a 360 FE, 4 speed manual. I Also enclosed a picture of My boat.




Adrian A.-1964 Falcon Futura (2100 Rebuild)-Colorado

Here are a couple of shots of the condition of the Falcon when I found it at a garage sale. The other pics are after a good washing, vacuuming and I polished the original paint and chrome. I am the second owner and my wife and I drive this as a daily driver. It will be getting a new convertible top next spring.




Mick M.-Oct 64 'K' Code Mustang Convertible (C4OF-AL 1.12 HiPo 4100) - Sydney, Australia

Car was rescued from an Indian reservation where it was found riddled with bullet holes. Shipped to Australia in the late 80's, converted to Right hand drive as was required at the time. I completed a full bare metal restoration and re-painted it in a Pearl Candy Apple Red.




Greg W.-1967 Mercury Cougar (C7DF-R 1.14 2100)-Texas

This is a 1967 cougar with all original interior. This was the first year for the Cougar. Owner is Ron F. in Texas. (This is my father in laws car, I do a lot of the work on it).




Linda L.-1949 Chrysler Town & Country (Carter B&B Rebuild)-California

1949 Town & Country with 324 cubic inch Straight 8. Only 1000 made, and less than 150 are still on the road




John Z.-1965 Sunbeam Tiger (C4OF-B 1.01 2100)-Michigan

1965 sunbeam tiger (260) with the original stock engine and manual transmission




Steve S.-1980 Ford Mustang Cobra (D6WE-EA 1.21 2150)-Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Reservation, North Dakota


1980 Mustang Cobra, 73,000 miles all original car, was stored for 20+ years until we found it.




David S.-1967 Ford Mustang Fastback (C6MF-A 1.33 2100)-Michigan

My 67 is a street car that also will be used for road racing. The entire suspension has all the latest and greatest pieces to maximize handling. Should have the new motor back in the car shortly. The power and torque should move the car out nicely! 428 Cobra Jet stroked to 462 cubic inches, making 554 Horsepower and 545lb. ft. of Torque.




Andy D.-1969 Ford Bronco (4100 Rebuild)-California


1969 Ford Bronco. It's got a 302, and some light engine modifications (full exhaust and an Edelbrock intake).




Rob C.-1967 Ford Mustang Fastback (2100 Rebuild)-Colorado

1967 Mustang Fastback with Matching Numbers 'C' code 289. I’ve had the Mustang since ’96 and I got it from the original owner. Nothing was ever done to it aside from oil changes and tune ups. Still had the original radio, etc.




John C.-1965 Ford Fairlane 500 (C5ZF-A 1.14 2100)-California

1965 Fairlane 500 w/289 'C' code V8




Michael R.-1968 Trojan Bimini (C7DF-S 1.02 2100)-Pennsylvania

1968 Trojan Bimini with 289 'C' code engine




Philipp E.-1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible (C4ZF-C 1.08 4100)-Switzerland


1964 1/2 'D' code Convertible Mustang




Darcy L.-1958 Ford Custom 300 (EDB-AF 1.02 2100)-Canada

Hello...I’m Darcy Latham. I live in Fort Mcmurray Alberta Canada. I’ve spent 19 years with my car and it’s been a journey. It’s a 1958 Ford Custom 300 with 33,000 and change on it. Was built in St. Paul Minnesota. Back then it was called Twin City. I’m the fourth owner of it and my wife and I love to take it out. I was very impressed when I installed this carb and how it smartened it right up the way it runs. Very impressed. Thanks again.




Karl H.-1963 Ford Thunderbird (C3AF-R 1.12 4100)-Australia

1963 390 Thunderbird with A/C and Automatic Transmision




Jim H.-1968 Ford Mustang Convertible (C8ZF-G 1.08 2100)-Kentucky

1968 289 Mustang with 65,074 original miles




Geoff L.-1963 Ford Galaxie 500 (C3AF-F 1.14 2100)-California

This is my 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 4-Door Sedan of which I'm the 3rd owner. This car is a survivor with only 67,000 original miles. It has spent it's entire life in the Santa Barbara, Ca area and is still on it's original coat of paint. I've put a lot of effort into restoring the mechanics over the last couple years. With the addition of the rebuilt 2100 I bought from Gotta Fish Carbs, the car now starts up and runs like a top and has become my daily driver.
Specs: Rebuilt 352 FE Engine, Autolite 2100 1.14 Carb, Cruise-O-Matic 3 speed Auto Trans, Power Brakes (Drums), Power Steering. Original AM Radio (Still works!)




Clay H.-1963 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe (C3OF-F 1.01 2100)-Virginia

'63 Fairlane Sports Coupe w/260, 4 Speed, in process of restoration




Jim M.-1966 Ford Thunderbird (Parts)-Alaska

1966 Thunderbird with 390 4bbl




John B.-1964 Ford Galaxie 500 (C4AF-DE 1.14 2100)-Pennsylvania

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 with 289 2bbl




Lee & Glenda H.-1967 Ford Mustang GT Convertible (C7DF-S 1.02 2100)-California

Here are some pictures of my wife's 1967 mustang. We are the third owners of the car. It is a numbers matching car with luxury interior. Only 4800 were ordered with that. We have all the paper work on it down to the window sticker and the canceled check from the original owner. It belonged to a older lady and she ironically lived in Pasadena.




Alf B. N.-1970 Shelby GT350 Convertible (4300 Rebuild)-Norway

1970 Shelby GT350 Convertible, 351W w/Automatic Transmission




Jason D.-1966 Ford Fairlane (C3TF-H 1.02 2100)-New York


Here is my 1966 ford Fairlane I been working on. Just installed one of Gotta Fish Carbs' 2100 carb onto the 200. More restoration to come. It's not a showroom car it's a CLUNKER :)




James J.-1968 Mercury Meteor Montcalm (2100 Rebuild)-Canada

Canada only S-33 Montcalm equipped with 390 2V and Select Shift transmission. One of only 458 Units.




Tony P.-1965 Mustang Convertible (2100 Rebuild)-Massachusetts

1965 Mustang Convertible under 5 year nut and bolt restoration, currently running a '69 302. Engine pictures are before and after restoration.




David H.-1968 Mustang Convertible (C9AF-A 1.08 2100)-Texas


1968 Mustang Convertible, had the car since I started to drive 30 years ago.




Brian B.-1962 Galaxie 500 (C2AF-AB 1.02 2100)-Colorado


1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Fordor 292 V8 2bbl cruise-o-matic power steering, power brakes, car is a daily driver photo taken while on a trip from Denver, CO to Phoenix, AZ.




Larry K.-1965 Mustang Convertible (C6DF-F 1.14 2100)-Michigan


In November 2009 this car was bare metal with 4 bad patch panels in the quarters and a damaged drivers door.  It is your stock 65 mustang with a stock 289 and of course a GOTTA FISH 2 BARREL SETTING ON TOP.




Rob R-1967 Galaxie 500 (C7AF-BR 1.23 2100)-Kentucky


1967 Galaxie 500 4 door hardtop with 103,000 mile 390FE, Petronix Flame Thrower Distributor & Ignition Coil. In the beginning stages of restoration... lots more to do.




Karl G.-1967 Cougar (C5AF-F 1.12 4100)-Washington

1967 Mercury Cougar with Paxton-supercharged 289




Mike C.-1965 Econoline (C3OF-F 1.01 2100)-California

'65 Econoline Van with a 1976 200 C.I. motor, Classic Inlines cam and Clifford Performance headers




Glenn P.-1965 Mustang Coupe (C5ZF-A 1.14 2100)-Kentucky

1965 Ford Mustang with Numbers Matching 289, 40,000 original miles




Mark N.-1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe (C4GF-E 1.12 4100)-Illinois

1964 1/2 Mustang with mostly stock 289 4V, Town Cruiser




Thanks to everyone for supplying the pictures and information on their cars!

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